Class 3 / NFA Weapons


Rook Arms has access to a wide variety of silencers from popular companies such as Rugged, Silencerco, AAC, Dead Air, Innovative Arms, and Yankee Hill Machine. We also have access to lesser known specialty manufactures such as Thunderbeast Arms, Liberty Suppressors, Thompsan Machine, and ARMTAC.


Thanks to our partnership with Silencer Shop, you can now shop online for the majority of silencer brands we carry. Go Here to see what is available.


We would love to help you pick the right silencer for your weapon and intended use. Contact Us for an appointment to discuss your ideas and choices.


Although newly manufactured machine guns are not available to the public, there are many registered ones that are available for civilian ownwership. Options include MAC-10, AK-47, M-16, H & K MP5, and many more. 


 Contact Us for a appointment to discuss your options.


Short barrel weapons are available from a lot of manufacturers in a lot of different configurations. These can be ordered brand new or transferred from another owner. 


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